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With the complexity and difficulties faced in arranging a mortgage we are delighted to announce the launch of DWIFA Mortgage Services Ltd (incorporating NFS).

The new company is being headed up by Tim O’Neil and his colleague Gina Tonge who joined forces with David Williams IFA Ltd from Tim’s independent mortgage advice company NFS. They have been joined by experienced mortgage administrator Annabel Smith.

Tim has been advising clients in Northampton on mortgages for the last 26 years and this wealth of experience allied to the long standing client relationships built up by both companies is already keeping the mortgage team busy.

Nick Beal was heavily involved in organising this new joint venture recognising the expertise that Tim and his team could bring.  “We always ensure that our clients, old and new, have access to the best advice available. Forming a specialist new company incorporating NFS seemed the ideal solution to provide access to the mortgage knowledge, expertise and professionalism we were seeking’’.

Tim and his team can help identify and then organise the best mortgage to match your circumstances. Having truly independent mortgage advice can save you £s not only with the initial fees but more importantly over the lifetime of your mortgage by choosing the most competitive rates available to you.

So if you are looking for quality independent mortgage advice please contact Tim, Annabel or Gina on Northampton 01604 250280 or 01604 621302 for a free assement of your mortgage requirements.

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