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How we are paid for our work

As professional advisers, we have to be paid for the work that we do on behalf of clients. Typically, the benefits for you in terms of income and growth produced, or the tax saved, far outweigh the fees charged.

Private clients

All fees are discussed with clients in advance and are set out in cash terms. If is often possible for the fee to be paid by deduction from funds invested – and in the case of pensions from untaxed income.

You will usually pay an initial fee to cover work done in assessing your needs and arranging any new investments. This fee is based on the value of funds invested and ranges from 0.5% to 3% depending on the sum invested and the complexity of the work.

You will also pay a fee for ongoing advice and regular face-to-face review meetings. These meetings are typically at least annual, and may be more frequent depending on your needs. The annual ongoing fee is based on the value of money under advice. It is typically 0.5% or lower, but may be up to 1% depending on circumstances to ensure an annual review.

The minimum annual fee for our services is £1000. We will always set out clearly what you are getting in exchange for this annual fee.

We do not typically operate a time-charged basis with private clients. We always want you to be comfortable speaking to us at any time or contacting us by email without the fear that the meter is running.

Currently, no VAT applies to our fees. If this changes in future we will notify you.

Mortgage advice

In the majority of cases we do not charge clients for our mortgage advice and for researching the market to find the best mortgage deal. We are paid by the mortgage provider for administering and sourcing the application. We will always disclose this fee to you.

In some circumstances, for example lower value loans or commercial mortgages which require extra advice, a fee for our services may be necessary. This will always be discussed and disclosed in advance.

Corporate clients

Fees will be individually discussed with each business. Where we are involved in arranging group life cover and protection, we may be paid through commission direct by the insurer. We will always disclose any such payments in advance.

Where direct payment of fees from the business is required, you will receive a bespoke letter of engagement from us specifying exactly what work the fees cover.

In some circumstances it may be possible to use commissions paid in respect of insurance or historic pensions to offset fees that would otherwise be charged to a company.

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