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Choosing the right adviser

When you have a medical concern, you naturally want to consult a specialist doctor with a reputation for successful outcomes. Looking after your financial health should be no different.

Speaking to an experienced, professional independent adviser will ensure that you have the best possible chance of meeting your financial goals.

David Williams IFA has been providing private and corporate clients with a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management service for more than 40 years. Our financial planners assist you on an ongoing basis to make the key decisions that will shape your financial future or that of your business.

David Williams IFA is one of an elite group of independent financial advisers in the UK which are accredited Chartered Financial Planners. This is the ‘gold standard’ for competency and integrity within the financial advice market.

Explore this website to find out more about how we can help or call us on 01604 621302.

What our clients say about us

  • jane-blight Jane Blight, HR professional, Warwickshire “I get a real sense that my adviser, David Sparrow, sees me as an individual and that I get solutions that really work for me. I am being offered a personal plan, not an off-the-shelf solution. I have absolute trust that David has the interests of his clients at the centre of everything he does. “The value in working with David Williams IFA over the long term has been in helping me to form clear financial plans, guiding my decisions. I have been able to see how to manage more flexibility ...Read more
  • matt-dawson Matt Dawson MBE, sports presenter, London “I have been a client of David Williams IFA for more than a decade. It is a close relationship built on trust and an absolute understanding of our lifestyle and investment needs. When I want things to be done, they are done swiftly. “When investments markets went through tough times in 2008, there was a brutal honesty from David Williams IFA. The team are the first to give you the reality of the situation, whether good bad or indifferent. And that stands the business in good stead. “ ...Read more
  • colin-saliann-miles Colin and Saliann Miles, Northamptonshire “I was very fortunate to be able to retire at the age of 53. The main reason dates back to some advice from David Williams IFA almost 20 years ago. As a direct result of following that plan through we achieved financial stability and had the platform to be able to retire when I chose to. “I am not naturally a great risk taker. David Williams IFA has always listened to me and always come up with the right investment. It might be a bit more adventurous at times when we could afford to take ...Read more

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