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Working in partnership with solicitors

The very best financial planning may come to nothing if not underpinned by the correct legal framework. That is why close co-operation with clients’ solicitors is a pre-requisite at David Williams IFA.

We can support solicitors in providing holistic advice to ensure that their clients achieve the best possible outcome. And where our planning process identifies the need for professional legal support, we will seek to match a client with the right person to deliver it.

Our deep experience in working with the legal profession includes advice in areas such as:

Estate planning and use of trusts: We work hand-in-hand with solicitors, to develop new gifting plans or to audit and refine existing strategies. This ensures the maximum value ends up in the hands of the intended beneficiaries.

Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney: These are a fundamental building block of our advice to clients at David Williams IFA. We want to ensure their wishes are respected whatever happens in the future.

Funding long term care: Our advisers have the specialist qualifications required to arrange care funding plans. These plans give security and certainty to both the care recipient and to their family or attorney.

Divorce: We work with solicitors and their clients pre-settlement to obtain an accurate valuation of assets and investments, including pension benefits. Then post-settlement we can manage any resulting pension transfers and investment of capital.

Court of Protection and personal injury: We are experienced in providing advice and investment solutions and financial support for cases including vulnerable minors. We work alongside solicitors both pre-award, in framing the level of financial support needed, and then post-award to ensure the investments deliver over the longer term.

Trustee investments: We support solicitors with the optimum investment planning for trusts and probate work, whether the need is short term capital preservation or long term income and growth.

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